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Diversion Assessment Clinician

Job description

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office
Title: Part Time Diversion Assessment Clinician (independent contractor)
Position Status: Part Time Grant funded independent contractor through June 30, 2023 or until grant funds are expended.
Location: Brockton District Courthouse 215 Main Street, Brockton, MA
Compensation: Payment commensurate to negotiated hourly rate to accomplish project goals.

Funding for this contract is made possible through a one-year grant from the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office.

Contract Duration: A contract for services will expire on June 30, 2023 or until grant funds are expended.

Position Description:
Brockton District Court Application for Complaint Screening & Diversion Pilot Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office Executive Office of Public Safety and Security JAG Grant. 

Position is part time/as needed at mutually agreeable times and dates to interview (remote/virtual interviews are acceptable) and assess diversion candidates identified by an Assistant D.A. and the Diversion Coordinator and make recommendations regarding appropriate diversion. 

During the Spring of 2021, the Trial Court contacted the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office (PCDAO) about serving as the host site for a pilot project to screen applications for complaints. The premise behind the pilot is to have local and state police departments submit their applications for complaint electronically, with PCDAO reviewing the applications for complaint prior to the clerk’s office issuing the complaint. The short-term outcome is to ensure that charging decisions are appropriate, and identify and work with the police and clerk to correct any over, under, or incorrect charging applications, in an effort to improve overall court congestion and efficiency. In addition, earlier pathways for diversion will be possible, including drug diversion.

Expansion of Adult Diversion to Include Drug Diversion

If it is determined that a person otherwise eligible for diversion may have a substance use disorder or mental health condition, the Director of Diversion will refer the candidate to the Clinician for assessment.

Clinician will meet with the candidate at the Brockton District Court, complete a substance use disorder/mental health assessment, and if appropriate, create a treatment plan for the candidate. The treatment plan will be added to the Adult Diversion Contract. Participation by the candidate is voluntary, but the diverted person will be mandated to make meaningful progress toward the treatment plan in order to successfully complete diversion.

The defendant’s arraignment or prosecution in district court may be postponed to allow for the completion of the treatment plan. If the defendant successfully completes the treatment plan the case will be dismissed. If the defendant drops out of the treatment plan or does not complete the treatment plan, the prosecution of the case will proceed.
It is anticipated that the arraignments of potential diversion candidates will be scheduled bi- weekly to allow for multiple candidates to be assessed at the same time.
**The Clinician will be paid a negotiated hourly rate to complete each assessment.

-Licensed psychologist, licensed independent clinical social worker, or designated forensic psychologist; or designated forensic social worker.
-Experience in assessing and diagnosing substance use disorders and mental illnesses;
-Experience in creating treatment plans;
-Previous work experience with court involved individuals is preferred;
-Ability to connect with diverse populations; and
-Ability to maintain confidentiality and ethical standards

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