Community Engagement Events

Plympton Night Out 2023 and raising of the historic Mount Rushmore Flag

4A beautiful night for the 2023 Plympton Night Out,  Thank you to Chief Matt Ahl and the Plympton Police and Fire Departments for organizing this important community event.
The historic Mount Rushmore flag was raised to open Plympton Night Out festivities.
“The Mount Rushmore Flag has been on a 2 million mile, 35-year journey, crossing 3 continents.  The flag has officially represented the US in over 30 countries.
Commissioned by the U.S. Department of Interior National Park Service in 1986, the flag was sewn together and dedicated at the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston before being stored for a time aboard the USS Constitution.
In 1994, this flag became the 1st American flag carried under the English Channel.
Although this flag was unfolded on the Plympton town green in 2018, it has never been flown in town. This flag raising may be the last time the flag is raised in Plymouth County as the flag is scheduled to be retired in early 2024.” Plympton Public Library