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NDAA’s-The Role of a Prosecutor and their work in the community

The Victim Bill of Rights was enacted to give support and protection to victims of crime.

The Victim Assistance Program is committed to assisting victims of crime in Plymouth County.  Advocates are available to provide information and guidance through the criminal justice process, and to protect victim’s rights under the law.

Services which are mandated by the Victim Bill of Rights include:

♦ Notification of all court dates, appearances and the final disposition of the case

♦ A secure waiting area during court proceedings

♦ The right to confer with the prosecutor prior to: the start of trial; a case being dismissed; and a sentencing recommendation

♦ The right to confer with the probation officer prior to his filing of a full pre-sentence report on the defendant with the court;  You have the right to inform the probation officer of the impact that this particular crime has had on you and your family

♦ Notification of the time and place of sentencing

♦ Assistance with preparing and presenting a Victim Impact Statement to the court, either orally or in writing

♦ Information and assistance regarding: Requesting restitution; Witness fees; Social Service referrals and other support services; Employer and creditor intercession services

 If you are a victim or a witness to a crime and need assistance, please call us now at 508-584-8120. Our Advocates are trained to assist with the social, physical and emotional needs of all victims and witnesses in Plymouth County.

The Victim Assistance Unit Brochure

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