Receiving a Summons

pexels-photo-cranberry-bog-boardwalkcropA summons is a court order that directs you to appear in court at a stated time and place.

If you receive a summons please do the following:

  • Call the District Attorney’s office prior to your court appearance at the telephone number indicated on your summons.
  • Please provide the Victim Witness Advocate with an accurate telephone number to reach you.
  • Plan ahead and make any necessary childcare arrangements as the matter could take all day.
  • Please be on time and dress appropriately-the courtroom is a formal setting.
  • Bring the summons with you when you appear on the required day.
  • Report to the Victim Witness Advocate in the courthouse who will then direct you to the appropriate courtroom.
  • Advise your Victim Witness Advocate if you need documentation to verify your required court appearance for your school or employer.