Plymouth County District Attorney-Privacy Policy

Legal Disclaimer

The following policy applies to the use of
the Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office Website:

The Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office attempts to protect your privacy to the maximum extent permissible under the law.

However, some of the information that we receive through the Website is subject to the Public Records Law, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 66, Section 10. To the extent that the Public Records Law requires public dissemination, we cannot ensure absolute privacy.

The District Attorney´s Office does not sell any personally identifiable information collected through this Website. However, once you voluntarily submit personally identifiable information to us through an e-mail, its dissemination is governed by the Public Records Law, the Massachusetts General Law Chapter 66A (Fair Information Practices Act), and other applicable laws and regulations.

Therefore, part or all, of the information you send us may have to be provided to a member of the public in response to a public records request.

Where appropriate, we may also provide the information submitted by you to the subject of your inquiry, or to a government agency responsible for the matters referred to in your communication.

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