State Police Detective Unit

SPDU of Plymouth County
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There is a Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned exclusively to the Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office.

The State Police Detective Unit investigates all types of Major Crimes committed within Plymouth County, including but not limited to: homicides, sexual assaults, child abuse, white collar crime, computer crimes, public integrity complaints, and illegal narcotic offenses.

The State Police Detective Unit consists of a Homicide/General Investigations Section, a Narcotics Section, and a Computer Crimes Section.

Members of The State Police Detective Unit regularly attend local community meetings and events, and sit on various task forces.   By partnering with both local and federal law enforcement agencies, The State Police Detective Unit has made tremendous strides in serving and protecting the citizens of Plymouth County.

The Homicide/General Investigations Section

Pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws the District Attorney´s Office has the responsibility of investigating all sudden or unattended deaths if under violent, suspicious, or unusual circumstances.

These deaths are investigated by the District Attorney´s “Law Enforcement Representative”, which in our county is the State Police Detective Unit- Homicide Section which is assigned directly to the District Attorney´s Office.   The State Police Detective Unit works in conjunction with the local police on death investigations.   The decision of whether to ultimately charge and prosecute someone for a death lies with the District Attorney´s Office.

The Unsolved Homicide Section

If anyone has information on an unsolved homicide they should contact the State Police at: 508-894-2584

The Unsolved Homicide Unit investigates and monitors homicides cases that have been pending longer than one year without being solved. The office currently has 107 unsolved homicides, involving 118 victims, with dates of offense ranging from 1961 to the present. Every unsolved homicide is assigned to an assistant district attorney (ADA) and a victim witness advocate (VWA). The ADA and VWA work in conjunction with members of the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned to our office and the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab to interview witnesses, conduct grand jury investigations, analyze evidence, and conduct forensic testing where applicable.

We believe that every victim deserves justice. We are committed to solving these cases, holding the perpetrators accountable, and bringing some measure of closure to the family and friends of the victims.

Anyone with information regarding an unsolved homicide that occurred in Plymouth County, please call 508-894-2584.

The Narcotics Section

The Narcotics Section of The State Police Detective Unit focuses its resources primarily on combating the threat that the illegal drug trade poses to the citizens of the county.

In addition to working closely with local police departments, the Narcotics Section partners with federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In recent years, the Narcotics Section has expanded its traditional role, to include unique partnerships with the community, regularly meeting with residents and crime watch groups. These meetings have become essential in the reduction of crime.

The community has played a role in assisting law enforcement´s monitoring of criminal activity in their neighborhoods.

This collaboration has allowed the community to better understand the role of law enforcement, and has allowed the Narcotics Section to build a network within the community.

The Computer Crimes Section

The Internet is a useful and powerful resource that can be a positive force in everyone´s life.  However, the Internet is increasingly being used by sexual predators as a means to victimize children.

Computers are being utilized in the commission of all types of traditional crimes.   The State Police Detective Unit assigned to this office has formed a Computer Crimes Section in order to keep pace with this trend.

The Computer Crimes Section primarily investigates online child exploitation.  Since its inception it has enjoyed tremendous success in identifying, locating and arresting those who would prey on innocent children and use the internet as a means to meet children for unlawful contact.

The Computer Crimes Section aggressively pursues online predators, as well as those who possess and disseminate child pornography.   They routinely investigate “Cyber Tips”opens in a new window which are provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).