Plymouth County TRIAD


  Older adults comprise the most rapidly growing segment of our population.  One in eight people are already 65 or older.  This statistic represents more than 33.6 million older adults. With increased life expectancy, new issues for the criminal justice system have arisen.

TRIAD has been developed to reduce the criminal victimization of our older population and to enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to them.

TRIAD is a nationally recognized program in which Public Safety, Older Adults and Community Groups all work together, to unify and implement the resources, programs and services that are currently available in their community.

The Plymouth County TRIAD is a cooperative effort that consists of the District Attorney, the Sheriff, the local Police Chief, the local Fire Chief, the Council on Aging Director, S.A.L.T. Council Members, older adults, and representatives from community groups that assist older adults in their community.

TRIAD assesses the needs of each community separately. Every community that adopts the TRIAD approach is able to tailor the needs of TRIAD to their older residents.

A community that may have a serious crime problem can utilize their TRIAD to focus on crime prevention and victim assistance.

A community that does not have a serious crime problem can utilize their TRIAD to concentrate on programs, activities and public safety initiatives to benefit their entire community.



The TRIAD Brochure

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