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The Mock Trial Program is a comprehensive curricula that focuses on drug and alcohol prevention, bullying, violence prevention, and Internet Safety.

The essential elements of the legal, and criminal justice systems are explained to the children.  The program culminates by bringing the courtroom into the classrooms of elementary and middle school age children.

The program’s focus is on decision-making, risk taking behavior, and explaining the legal and social consequences for one’s actions.   It involves members of the local law enforcement community in each city and town and encourages children to have more communication with their police department and professional educators.   The staff of the District Attorney’s Office works collaboratively with other members of law enforcement and with each schools professional educators.

The District Attorney is an active participant in nearly all of the actual Mock Trials playing the role of prosecutor in a case that involves student defendants.   Other members of the District Attorney staff take on the roles of the defense counsel and the judge.

The Mock Trial program is implemented in communities that wish to reinforce lessons that are also taught through Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education Programs and other anti-substance abuse courses.   The program also places a strong emphasis on the legal consequences young people who make bad decisions will face.  These programs are designed to be informative, educational, and fun.