Unsolved Homicide Unit

​The Unsolved Homicide Unit investigates and monitors homicides cases that have been pending longer than one year without being solved. The office currently has 107 unsolved homicides, involving 118 victims, with dates of offense ranging from 1961 to the present.

Every unsolved homicide is assigned to an assistant district attorney (ADA) and a victim witness advocate (VWA). The ADA and VWA work in conjunction with members of the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned to our office and the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab to interview witnesses, conduct grand jury investigations, analyze evidence, and conduct forensic testing where applicable. 

​We believe that every victim deserves justice. We are committed to solving these cases, holding the perpetrators accountable, and bringing some measure of closure to the family and friends of the victims. 

​Anyone with information regarding an unsolved homicide that occurred in Plymouth County, please call 508-894-2584, or email us at: plymouthda.unsolvedhomicide@state.ma.us