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Assistant District Attorney – Superior Court

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office is currently seeking a qualified candidate for the position of an Assistant District Attorney of the Superior Court.

The Assistant District Attorney – Superior Court is an Assistant District Attorney under the general supervision of the Deputy First Assistant District Attorney. The Assistant District Attorney – Superior Court represents the Commonwealth in accordance with the District Attorney’s statutory authority in the various courts in Plymouth County, the Supreme Judicial Court, the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, the Appeals Court and courts in other counties.

The Assistant District Attorney – Superior Court is an employee of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and serves at the pleasure of the District Attorney. The Assistant District Attorney – Superior Court’s position is covered under the provisions of G.L. c. 268B.




-Strong written and oral advocacy skills

-Requires excellent communication skills and the ability to share and provide information in a clear, articulate, and timely manner

-Commitment to fostering and contributing to a positive, collaborative working environment

– Ability to prioritize time sensitive matters and ensure that all deadlines are met

-Self-starter with the following attributes: sharp attention to detail, ability to exercise discretion with confidential information, ability to contribute and work as part of a team, positive attitude and willingness to learn new processes and to adapt to new procedures and protocols as needed

– Juris Doctorate and license to practice in MA


Duties and Responsibilities:

-Represent the Commonwealth at all stages of criminal prosecutions. This includes, but is not limited to:

-Reviewing and assessing materials forwarded from District Court for indictment consideration;

-Conducting grand jury investigations;

-Handling arraignments and corresponding motions such as bail requests, conditions of release, dangerousness hearings, and bail revocation hearings in all courts (including Juvenile, District and Superior Court as appropriate);

-Handling pre-trial hearings and conferences, and litigating the full range of evidentiary and non-evidentiary motions;

-Handling trials, pleas, sentencing, and post-conviction matters;

-Serving in an “on-call capacity” as needed;

-Mentoring District Court ADA’s;

-Working closely with colleagues, office staff, victim witness advocates, law enforcement officers, court personnel, criminal justice agencies, community partners, and the public to ensure an ethical, effective, fair, and and professional approach to prosecution on behalf of victims and the communities we serve.

-Attending meetings with community and law enforcement partners.

-Reviewing charging decisions made by law enforcement agencies and making appropriate recommendations and changes as needed.

-Reviewing all forms of documentary materials, interacting with victims and witnesses, preparing discovery, and provide discovery to defense counsel.

-Reviewing case files, applicable statutes and case law, victim information and input, and determine an appropriate recommendation for case resolution. Conference the same with the First Assistant.

-Keeping abreast of court decisions and legislation affecting Massachusetts law and prepare written memoranda where appropriate.

-Maintaining a solid command of all applicable rules, laws, court procedures, statutes and guidelines, including the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence, and the mandates of the Victims’ Bill of Rights.

-Interacting with victims, witnesses, and members of the public with compassion and professionalism.

-Ability to manage crises and excel in high-stress, dynamic, and fast-paced environment while exhibiting and maintaining a calm, professional demeanor.


In addition to these above responsibilities the Assistant District Attorney – Superior Court is required:


-To be familiar with and to follow the provisions of the Plymouth District Attorney’s Office Personnel Policies

-To participate in trainings relevant to Office functions

-Collaborate with peers to maximize productivity and produce the highest outcomes

-To communicate with or provide timely notification to Office staff, police, and other interested parties, as permitted and/or required by law

-To interact in a respectful and professional manner with the public, judicial and law enforcement personnel and Office staff

-To complete work assignments in a timely manner

-To complete general administrative duties to include, filing, faxing, photocopying, etc.

-Perform any other duties at any job-site as may from time to time be assigned to her/him by the District Attorney, or the First Assistant District Attorney or other designee of the District Attorney

Job Type: Full-time

District Attorney Cruz is committed to recruiting and retaining staff that reflects the diversity of the multicultural community that we serve.   The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office affords equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or expression, genetics, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy, political affiliation, veteran status or any other status that is protected by local, state or federal law.

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