Conference Presentations

District Attorney Timothy Cruz has been invited to present as an expert in his field at various conferences across the United States.

Drug Endangered Children’s Initiative: Harnessing Community Expertise to Enhance Service Delivery for Vulnerable Children

2020 Virtual RX Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit

April 2020

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma Responsive Policing

Bureau of Justice Assistance 2020 Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program National Forum

Arlington, VA- March 2020

Helping Traumatized and Drug Endangered Children Succeed

National Cocaine, Meth and Stimulant Summit

Ft. Lauderdale, FL- November 2018

NDAA-APLAN Regional Opioid Training

National District Attorney’s Association

Salem, MA- September 2018

Drug Endangered Children: How Law Enforcement, Child Protection Agencies and Schools Can Help

National Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit

National Harbor, MD- April 2018

Helping Traumatized Children Succeed in School and in the Community

National Drug Endangered Children Conference

Reno, NV- 2016

Helping Traumatized Children Succeed in School and in the Community

U.S. Attorney’s Office Defending Children Conference

Charleston, WV- November 2011

How Collaboration Brought Massachusetts District Attorneys into the Statewide Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL)

National Leadership Conference of OJJDP Underage Drinking Enforcement Training

Anaheim, CA- August 2010