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Middleboro Man Sent to Jail on Assault, Gun Charges

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BROCKTON – A former Ultimate Fighting Championship cage fighter has been convicted and sentenced to jail for a violent assault on his wife, Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz has announced.

After a five-day trial, a jury deliberated five hours before finding Joshua Grispi (DOB: 10/14/88) of Middleboro, guilty on various charges. Brockton Superior Court Judge Richard Chin sentenced Grispi to serve 2 ½ years in the House of Corrections on one of the Assault and Battery charges to be followed by 2 ½ years on another of the Assault and Battery charges. Grispi was also sentenced to serve six months in the House of Corrections on two Threat to Commit a Crime charges from and after, for a total of 5 ½ years in the House of Corrections. He was sentenced to 5 years of probation from and after the committed time on the remaining charges. The Commonwealth had requested that Grispi serve 8-10 years in State Prison.

Grispi was found guilty of:
— seven counts of Improper Storage of a Firearm
— five counts of Assault and Battery
— two counts of Threat to Commit a Crime
— eight counts of Intimidating a Witness
— one count of Possession to Distribute Class D, Marijuana
— one count of Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle
— one count of Attempt to Procure Perjury

The jury found Grispi not guilty of three counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and one count of Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.

At trial, jurors heard that on August 1, 2014, a family member of the victim contacted Middleboro Police Department reporting that Grispi had been abusing his wife. The family member showed police a photo of the female victim in which she was shown with multiple bruises on her face and her nose and lips were bleeding. The family member stated that the

victim feared to come forward and report the incidents.

Middleboro Police responded to the home and Grispi informed police that there were firearms in the home. Police found three handguns, two rifles, an assault rifle and a Sig Sauer .45 caliber handgun. None of the weapons had been stored or secured properly and Grispi’s license to carry had not been updated. The victim in the case obtained an emergency restraining order against Grispi and he was placed under arrest on gun charges and a single count of domestic assault and battery. Grispi was arraigned and posted bail.

Three days later, on August 4, 2014, Wareham Police received a 911 call at approximately 11:45 pm for a report of a domestic violence incident at 15 Lovell Street. Responding officers were advised that the victim had fled the home and was located at a nearby address. Upon arrival at that address, the victim was noticeably upset and said Grispi would not stop hitting her in the head and also punched her vehicle. The victim told police she had not extended an emergency restraining order that day because she hoped things would be better between her and Grispi. The victim told police Grispi and she began arguing in the yard and Grispi demanded that the victim go inside house. The victim instead fled and hid under a bush. Grispi then grabbed the victim and began to punch her repeatedly in the head before forcing her into the house. Once inside, Grispi continued to punch and kick the victim, yelling at her, “Do you want me to kill you?” Grispi pulled the victim up off of the floor by her hair while continuing to strike her. She was able to make it to the bathroom where she took out her phone. She was able to escape and run to a neighbor’s home, who then dialed 911.

The victim was treated at Brockton Hospital for a sprained wrist, a concussion and other injuries.

“Domestic violence cases are difficult to prosecute and involve a particularly vulnerable set of victims, and this case was no different,” DA Cruz said. “This was a severe case of abuse, not only the physical injuries Mr. Grispi inflicted, but the emotional abuse of isolating the victim
from family. I am hopeful that with the time in jail and proper programming, Mr. Grispi can learn to control his anger and emotions and become a productive member of society.”

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague prosecuted the case, which was investigated by Middleboro Police Department.


June 16, 2017