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Introducing Hull Police K9 Officer Peddocks

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Contact: Beth Stone (508) 584-8120

HULL – Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz and Hull Police Chief John Dunn are proud to introduce Peddocks, a comfort dog to support students and residents.

The Town of Hull recently acquired Peddocks, a Labrador Retriever, from Professional Canine Services in Middleboro, where he will also perform his comfort dog training. Peddocks,6 months-old, was acquired by Hull Police with assistance from a $5,000 grant from the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office.

Peddocks is named for the Boston Harbor island, and his handler is Hull Police Officer Leanne Marshalsea. Peddocks will be used to reduce stress and promote wellness for students in Hull Public Schools, and residents at town events.

 “Peddocks is the first ever comfort dog to serve with Hull Police, and he is a great addition to the department and the school community,” DA Cruz said. “We know all too well the traumatic effect that stress can have on young people. Already commanding smiles wherever he goes, Peddocks and Officer Marshalsea are devoted to working hard together at training.”

Hull Police Chief Dunn said, “We hope the addition of K9 Peddocks will offer emotional support and comfort for all persons in need, as well as provide another opportunity for us to connect with our community.”

April 28, 2023