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Plymouth County DA’s Office Donates Attire For Hire To People Affecting Community Changes (PACC) in Brockton

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Contact: Beth Stone 508-584-8120

BROCKTON – In an ongoing effort to address the needs of individuals re-entering the workforce, Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz this morning presented PACC with a donation of suits and clothing donated by office employees.

Since 2018, PACC has worked to connect people with job training, job placement, professional development and housing. PACC’s holistic model connects individuals with compassionate case management, so that they get the social support and develop strategies for sustainable skill building that promote self-efficacy. It is estimated that they have assisted nearly 1,000 people in the greater Brockton region.

“In Plymouth County, we remain committed to a holistic approach to reducing crime — prevention, smart enforcement, and supporting re-entry efforts,” DA Cruz said. “Employment is a crucial protective factor, particularly for those returning after being justice involved. The donations of these suits are a small gesture, but they could be the difference maker. With employment comes a sense of self-worth, purpose, and community. Massachusetts has seen its incarceration rate drop to the lowest in the nation – 50 out of 50; with studies already showing significant reductions in recidivism rates for employed individuals. PACC continues to inspire and we value our partnership with them.”

PACC Executive Director, Jamal Gooding said, “PACC is swiftly gaining a reputation as the go to provider of tangible resources to assist the socially disadvantaged in reconnecting with their community. In our goal to place these individuals in career-based jobs with living wages, we need the community’s help with professional attire, bus passes and gas cards.”

In addition to donations of professional attire for both men and women, PACC seeks bus passes and gas cards. You can contact PACC at 508-521-9079, and they will schedule a time to pick up items. A formal acknowledgement letter can be provided to those who donate for their records.

PACC and Mr. Gooding are active partners with Safe Streets — a coordinated effort funded by DA Cruz to reduce gun violence through prevention, enforcement, and re-entry.

“We recognize the broader duty to not only prosecute crime, but use our resources and partnerships to prevent it,” DA Cruz said. “At the end of the day, our job is to protect the community, and the best way to protect it is to ensure the healthy development of the next generation.

DA Cruz credits the strong Safe Streets partnerships between the community and law enforcement for driving down violent crime in Brockton, particularly gun violence, while at the same time decreasing the prison population.

Over the last ten years, all firearms-related crime has decreased by 36%, armed robberies with a gun have decreased by 71%, and homicides have decreased from a high of 13 in 2014, to a low of 3 in 2019. Furthermore, the number of shooting victims decreased 32% over the last five years. These decreases in violent crime has also coincided with a 65% decrease in the population at the Plymouth County House of Corrections.

“We attribute this success to supporting evidence-based prevention practices, particularly around Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma sensitivity, using law enforcement resources to hold the right individuals accountable, and engaging in community-building with agencies like PACC who are working to reduce recidivism,” DA Cruz said.

October 7, 2020