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About the Plymouth County Human Trafficking Task Force

The Task Force brings together local and federal law enforcement, victim service providers, state agencies, and other community stakeholders that are dedicated to improving the response to human trafficking in Plymouth County. The Task Force was developed in 2020 as a joint project of the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office and Health Imperatives, who were both awarded separate $750,000.00 grants from the Department of Justice.


The mission of the PCHTTF is to combat human trafficking through multidisciplinary collaboration and coordination, community education and outreach, comprehensive victim services, and offender accountability.

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Plymouth County Human Trafficking Task Force are to:

  1. Provide coordinated, trauma-informed services that address the holistic needs of all individuals who have experienced trafficking.
  2. Proactively investigate and prosecute all forms of human trafficking through a victim-centered lens.
  3. Raise public awareness of human trafficking through outreach and education, and increase the community’s capacity to identify and respond to human trafficking.
  4. Develop and implement standard protocols that strengthen the collaboration between service providers and law enforcement agencies to protect and serve trafficking victims and survivors.

To accomplish these goals, the Task Force is focused on these five core objectives:

  1. Ensure that there is a network of coordinated, comprehensive services that is readily available to meet the individualized needs of all victims.
  2. Conduct proactive investigations of labor and sex trafficking with the goal of successful prosecution.
  3. Identify victims of all forms of human trafficking through increased training and outreach in the community.
  4. Establish and sustain effective leadership, engaged membership, and a structure that supports the goals of the Task Force.
  5. Make data-driven decisions based on a shared understanding of the prevalence, scope, and nature of human trafficking within Plymouth County.

Guiding Principles

Partner agencies within the Task Force all agree that:

  • Collaboration is necessary for success.
  • Trust, transparency, and inclusivity are essential in order to build sustainable relationships and engage in effective communication.
  • The Task Force is committed to identifying opportunities that will help remove existing barriers for victims of all genders, ages, and nationalities.