PCHTTF- Task Force Structure

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Task Force Structure

The Plymouth County Human Trafficking Task Force (PCHTTF) consists of key agencies and strategic leadership that are committed to the achievement of the Task Force’s goals and objectives. The Task Force is led by The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office (PCDAO) and Family and Community Resources, Inc. (FCR). Both agencies are funded partners under the Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking grant solicitation. PCDAO and FCR are considered the Core Team and collaboratively lead Task Force efforts.

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The Task Force demonstrates a commitment to active engagement and substantial participation in the efforts to combat human trafficking in Plymouth County.


PCHTTF has developed four subcommittees that seek to address all aspects of the Task Force’s mission:

  1. Housing and Services
  2. Outreach and Awareness
  3. Law Enforcement

These subcommittees come together semiannually at Task Force Roundtable meetings to share progress on Task Force goals and subcommittee projects, and to strengthen partnerships across disciplines. The subcommittee co-chairs, along with other key stakeholders and the Core Team, oversee Task Force efforts as members of the Executive Committee.

Housing and Services Subcommittee

The Housing and Services Subcommittee meets bi-monthly and includes individuals from agencies and organizations that provide a variety of services for survivors of trafficking. The goals of this subcommittee are as follows:

  • Enhance relationships and referral pathways among service providers
  • Identify existing gaps in services
  • Ensure seamless coordination of comprehensive, trauma-informed services for all victims of trafficking

Outreach and Awareness Subcommittee

The Outreach and Awareness Subcommittee meets as needed to create campaigns and social media content to raise awareness of human trafficking within Plymouth County. The goals of this subcommittee are as follows:

  • Promote anti-trafficking awareness, with a specific focus on community needs and gaps in human trafficking education
  • Develop outreach strategies, campaigns, and materials
  • Strengthen community partnerships and involve additional community members in Task Force activities

Law Enforcement Subcommittee

The Law Enforcement Subcommittee meets monthly and consists of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. The goals of this subcommittee are as follows:

  • Share intelligence
  • Strategize ongoing or future investigations and prosecutions
  • Improve case results